Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jack Hinson's One-man War

The other day my U.S. History teacher told me that I needed to read the book Jack Hinson's One-man War, and I did. I love Civil War books, and this one was a great one! Jack Hinson was became a terror against the Union Army, after they killed two of his sons. He was able to kill men with a single shot, and not get caught. It was amazing to read about how he was able to evade capture, and yet get revenge for his son's murders. I would go into more detail, but honestly you really just should read the book. Tom C. McKenney did an awesome job writing and recounting Jack Hinson's life. If you like Civil War books; then I highly recommend you read it! Also thanks to Mr. Joyner for telling me about the book!

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