Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hangman's Curse

One of my favortie books of all time is Hangman's Curse by Frank E. Peretti. Hangman's Curse really makes teenagers think about how "clicks" in highschool really affect the students. In this book, a group of goths are picked on by the popular kids. The popular kids literally make the goth's lives a waking nightmare. Well the gothic teens, decide to get revenge, and have the upper hand for once. They take the legend of Abel Frye, a student who hung himself at the highschool and gets revenge for those who call on him, and make it reality. The kids who picked on the goths start getting sick and are on their death beds. Desperately, the school's principal calls in the Veritas Project. They are a family whose mission is to simply uncover the truth. What is the truth? Read Hangman's Curse and find out! Hangman's Curse is also an excellent movie which follows the book better than most movies do. I love this book, and read it again and again. I find it so intriguing how people could really be this cruel to people; simply because they do not dress the same way as them. It makes you think about how badly society judges people who dare to be different.

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  1. I have this book and I LOVE it!!!!! :D:D:D:D Have you watch the movie??

    (btw, if you want any help with your blog, just ask me, ok?)